Well 2020 didn't quite go the way I planned!

That may be the biggest understatement ever!!

It was a year of redundancy, lockdowns, home schooling, mask wearing, missing birthdays, missing family, cancelled plans and worry. There were several times that I considered going back to the industry I had worked in for over a decade for some sort of stability and financial security ( I later saw so many former colleagues and friends without a job or on furlough), It was a scary and unknown time with the world ever changing to try and combat this unknown virus.

My wonderful family and friends were always there through those dark days with kind words and funny memes. They reassured me that it would be worth it and it was worth fighting for. To all those people I will be eternally grateful, photography is a passion and for me it is both exciting and nerve-racking to see what each session will deliver. It was easy to let the doubt and anxiety take over with a brand new business not launching the way I had hoped. I found myself spending too much time online, comparing my work to others, thinking I should jump onto the next trend to try and stay relevant or attract new people with gimmicks and themes. What I realised was the images people loved and were choosing from their sessions were not 'trendy' or 'groundbreaking' they were just full of simplicity and love. This gave me an enormous amount of comfort knowing that my work was enjoyed and appreciated. Seeing my images being used in a variety of ways from prints to social media meant more than those people will ever know.

For all of the negatives and heartbreak of missing family and friends it was also a fantastic year for me in so many ways so from 2020 I am taking all the positives:

*Opening my studio

*Homeschooling and loving it

*Spending time at home together just enjoying each others company

*Adding Bertie to our family

*Watching James being an amazing and dedicated dog trainer

*Doing all the baking and cooking we could handle (Gousto helping along the way)

*Finding different ways to work including door step portraits, they were incredible and I loved seeing everyones different take on them.

*Weddings were postponed but not cancelled, With love still blossoming and smaller weddings still completely fantastic.

*Newborns were older when we met but still absolutely adorable and amazing to work with.

*Bathtime sessions with one year olds were so much fun! ( even when they tip over the bath and wee all over the floor, haha)

*Mince pie reviews, even if they did put me off mince pies for a while!

So I have no idea what 2021 will hold but I am ready for it and whatever it brings. This blog will be a way for me to chat about sessions, share my love of photography and maybe even share somethings I am learning along the way.